Waterproof Packaging and Labels

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Nowadays, waterproof packaging has become a very common form of packaging and this type of packaging available in almost unlimited variety, design and function. In addition, waterproof label market has also gained traction due to its multi functionality feature and advantages like, these labels are stain resistant as they are printed using toner and eco-solvent inks and also remain UV resistant for several years. Further, it also act as a product’s long-lasting tag label and there are several products that always require waterproof tag.

Our Waterproof labels are developed using two types of materials namely Vinyl and polyester. Inkjet vinyl waterproof labels are more popular among our manufacturing customers, while Vinyl labels helps to reduce glare due to its matte finish. The demand for waterproof labels is expected to grow over the the next 10 years  because of the consumer adequacy and reaction through high purchase performance ever since we introduced this label packaging material into the market.

Waterproof Label Market – Market Segmentation:

The North American waterproof label market can be segmented on the basis of material type, ink-system type, durability type, end-use and by region. On the basis of material type, waterproof label market can be segmented into polyester & polyethylene. On the basis of printing type waterproof label market can be segmented into Inkjet-Compatible Weatherproof Vinyl (WJ), Laser-Compatible Weatherproof Polyester (LP), water-based screen printing inks, and others. On the basis of end use waterproof label can be segmented into food & beverages, automotive industry, cosmetics and personal care, clothing industry, pharmaceutical industry and others.

Waterproof Label Market – Market Dynamics:

Waterproof labels are expected to remain as one of the key forms of labeling. The demand in the waterproof label market is projected to grow at a healthy rate for several reasons. Waterproof labels are used in a variety of products and these labels are also compatible with products like microwave, dishwasher and even the swimming pool.

These labels have rounded corners to prevent peeling which allows it to stick to different type of surfaces including hard, smooth and clean surface. In addition, no harmful and expensive waterproofing sprays can affect this type of labeling. Moreover, vinyl and polyester materials are extremely durable, which is another important factor bolstering waterproof label market.

These waterproof label are good for both wet and dry applications and holds up to the elements extremely well. On the other hand, the restraining factor hampering the growth in the waterproof label market is the higher initial cost of raw materials and lack of awareness among users.

Waterproof Label Market – Regional Outlook:                                   

Waterproof label market is expected to register a high CAGR over the forecasted period. North America and Asia Pacific are one of the fastest growing markets due to the increased sale of online products and rising disposable income.

Increase demand for industrial products from the developed nations like Europe and Latin America may also increase the demand for waterproof label market by the end of forecast period.

Waterproof Label Market – Major Players:

Some of the major players identified across North America in the waterproof label market are  Markem-Imaje, uslabel.net, Multivac Inc., Budget Label Supply, Primera Technology, SATO America, and uslabel.net.


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