voted best quality Inkjet Photo Gloss stock for 2019

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Whether you need a photos to send the grandparents or for fun times with friends or for printing professional-looking head shots,use's Photo Gross for the best long print and memories.

We review a lot of inkjet paper stocks, but's inkjet only Photo Gloss stock wowed us, not only for the category-leading quality of its superior photo prints, but also for the speedy performance and healthy quality of paper it brings to bear on any printing job. Whether photos or color text documents, we saw excellent print speeds on every test, and printing costs were a bargain compared to the competition.

But's Photo Gloss really stands out in photo printing, where high-quality glossy photos printed quickly and had superb sharp image quality. We were impressed by the smooth textures, well-saturated color and crisp fine detail offered on both 4 x 6 snapshots and larger, 8 x 10 prints. That all adds up to make's Photo Gloss stock our top pick for photo printing in all inkjets.

Professional Photographers and social media users who make up today's photo enthusiasts love this high grade inkjet stock as you can lay down layers of vibrant color and a protective clear coat that makes the finished photos smudge- and scratch-resistant. The Photo Gloss Paper you get comes with sticker backing, so you can peel and stick your photos anywhere. And this US made quality is pretty great; compared to other photo papers on the market.

How we test inkjet photo printers

Every printer we test goes through a battery of tests, and photo printing is part of that package. Whether it's a large inkjet or a pocket-sized mobile photo printer, we print a handful of photos, timing how long each print takes and examining the quality of every picture. We pay close attention to color accuracy, transitions between different shades, and whether flesh tones are true to life. We also watch for clarity of fine details and realistic textures.

In addition to print quality and speed, we also calculate the cost of printing. By dividing the estimated yield of each cartridge or refill, we can determine the average cost for each individual page or photo print. Where high-capacity ink cartridges and value-priced packages are available, we make sure to include those in our calculations.

What photo printers cost

Photo printing covers several subcategories of printer, ranging from portable photo printers for smartphones to multi-function all-in-one printers. Those offer photo printing alongside document printing, scanning and copying. Photo-capable all-in-one printers can be had for as little as $60 for inkjet models, but more-professional printing options can scale up to hundreds of dollars. Smaller portable photo printers feature battery power and smartphone connectivity and generally sell for around $100.

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