US5025-2 up 1.833 x 17" and 3.667" x 17"-11'' x 17'' label.

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This is a 2 up 1.833 x 17" and 2 up 3.667" x 17" shelf talkers or AAIG on 11'' x 17'' label. Now available in 39 different label stocks.

Many industries and large organizations are now requiring all boxes shipped have standards compliant barcode labels. This not only speeds up the process of receiving boxes into a facility, but also allows items to be found at a much faster rate because label information always has the same format and location.

Complying to mandated label standards is easy when you have the right hardware and software. Barcoding Inc. has all of the tools, along with the knowledge and expertise, to establish label compliance within your organization.

While many different large organizations such as GM and Wal-Mart have their own compliance requirements, some organizations have set up general requirement for labels.

Custom Flood Coating and scoring available. For inkjet or laser printing. Make your selection under Label & Adhesive Options. Call Roy at 888-933-8498 or email

The US5025-2 up 1.833 x 17" and 3.667" x 17"-11'' x 17'' label. is made in America and we hope this item is what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 23, 2024

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