expands PS portfolio for durable labeling BS5609 Drum Labels.

Posted by Roy Harris on is now offering our BS5609 certified  for drum label products:

 All are offered with an aggressive acrylic with exceptional durability range (minus 30 degrees F to 250 degrees F) for particularly harsh environments. To obtain BS5609 certification, labels need to withstand a three-month salt water submersion test in the Atlantic Ocean. BS5609-certified labels are proven to meet the most stringent tests for durability in the label industry.

Our face stock features static dissipation which reduces potential static discharge when removing label liners, which could potentially ignite chemical and solvent vapors in certain manufacturing environments.

According to Roy Harris, Label Engineer for, 'Customers tell us that specifications for label stocks are increasingly becoming more stringent in terms of temperature range, environmental resistance, stronger adhesives and better printability. Over the past years, we’ve seen a gradual shift from pigment based print systems to strictly laser print systems for outdoor and drum labeling.  "We’re pleased to expand our portfolio to meet the needs of this fast-growing sector by offering products compatible with laser and thermal transfer."

Rounding out the portfolio are materials that can be utilized when BS5609 Section 2 certification is not required, including pigment and laser durable papers, polyesters and vinyls.

Harris concludes, 'Being the die cut label stock supplier partnership with customers is more important than ever before as brands and packaging buyers continue to enforce tougher label performance requirements onto their systems. Our application development team specializes in creating innovative and effective solutions to serve our customers’ most demanding requirements and recommend solutions in days, not weeks.'


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