Bottle-Matic - I and II 1 and 2 Label labeler/applicator.

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This is the Bottle-Matic- I and II bottle/cylinder labeler/applicator Bottle-Matic-I and II bottle labeler's enable the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects front and back by simply setting the desired spacing using the index knob.

Front and Back can use labels from .5" to 6" diam. at speeds of 1200 Pieces per hour. You ca even use tapered objects without customizing.

Then insert the container and pressing a foot switch. Once the foot switch is activated the label is applied, then the machine inserts a gap that was set with the index knob, and immediately applies the 2nd label. Also now available is the new automatic labeling option that you can just insert your bottle and the labeler automatically activates The foot switch is still included but not needed .