Why Buy Labels from uslabel.net June 21 2016

June 21, 2016

The title here is a play on words. We are not talking about a “just any label webstore.” We are talking about an acronym for a quality product at a reasonable price that is delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Decades ago, a famed label maker, distilled the art of a successful label transaction into three components—Time, Information, and Power.

In label print sales it is critically important to apply this trinity to any situation in which a label sale can be made.


We begin with power. You can go into punt formation on this one, as in most instances, that you the customer have all the power. You are in the supplicant’s position. You decide to whom you will award the label job to. We at uslabel.net do not  shower you with promises we cannot keep, and present the most attractive and simple package of quality and pricing to you and look for a favorable response.

But wait! There is an exception. If you the customer have special needs and at uslabel.net we are the realistic option for you. We make sure that you receive the best possible prompt professional service to insure you understand the value we provide you our valued customer.


Time usually centers on delivery in our business. Often, with all due respects to the Rolling Stones, time is not on our side. You the customer tells us when you want the job delivered, and it falls on us to make that deadline where ever possible.


Other than giving us the specs, this is the one that belongs to us in the world of label die cutting and printing.

Information takes two forms. One is printing and the other is die cutting expertise. Anytime we can inform or guide a customer on a project. We are able to spot a customer who needs direction, and we are here to help with a sagacious soul on the production side of the company just call Roy he is friendly and eager to help you with your label needs.

We can do a lot of things with information and can supply samples, or just production information about label printing and die cutting are just examples of the impact of information. Label Buyers are less sophisticated than ever, so we welcome the opportunity to help label buyers in accomplishing their product labeling needs.

The other side of uslabel.net is information about the customer's needs. We like to know as much as possible about our customers. I don’t just mean print preferences. We mean everything and anything appropriate, as well as budget size, other printers they use, and especially company goals.

Our Aim to to provide you with the best service and finished product on the market today.

So with all this said please feel free to give me a call at 888-933-8498 to discuss your blank or printed die cut label needs. Or you may email Roy at  rh@uslabel.net
Look forward to being of service to you soon.
Roy Harris Label Engineer.