New Shrink Sleeves for 12 oz and 16oz Beer Cans and 750ml. Aluminum bottles. September 07 2016 now offers shrink sleeves for 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans, 32 oz. Crowlers and 750 ml. aluminum bottles!
Customers in the beverage industry are facing challenges with having to order large minimums of printed cans and not filling all the cans they order. They want better graphics and smaller custom runs that make their product stand out in a crowd. To solve these challenges, many in the beverage industry are turning to heat applied shrink sleeves on cans. offers 360° graphics printed with the highest quality 7-color digital press, or a 10-color UV flexo press, to create shrink sleeves with consistency at any quantity. Reverse printing on the inside of clear heat shrink film provides scratch, fade and moisture resistance, making shrink sleeves ideal for the beverage industry.


If you have ordered too many printed cans, don't throw them out! has the ability to create cover-up shrink sleeves to repurpose those cans!

Multiple Versions of Craft Beer Shrink Sleeves can help you with solutions, from a small can run, to a truckload order out of our Chicago location. We have 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans in stock waiting to be sleeved. Or, contact your local co-packer or mobile canner for sleeve application specifications.'s in-house design team can help bring your concept to reality. We can provide anything from actual can mock-ups to completed sleeved cans, delivered to your co-packer and ready to fill. With prototype proofs are provided on all new orders.
Have other sleeve projects? Call us to discuss your shrink sleeve application at 888-933-8498 or email Roy at