Label Solutions for North American Industries June 01 2016

As a Business to Business label specialist, understands the dynamic challenges that face today's North American industries. We offer a full line of custom die cut label sheets and rolls designed to increase business productivity while providing a low total label cost. We’re committed to providing customized label solutions for a wide range of North American industries. Whether your focus is finding the best label solution for education, healthcare, retail, government, banking or manufacturing & transportation, offers hundreds of standard cost-effective blank label and full color printing solutions that will streamline processes and increase business efficiency and productivity.

Retail - Overview

When you partner with, you get more than just a label supplier. You get a label solutions partner with a passion for retail. It's our 36 years of dedicated experience that enables us to understand the fast-moving business, the management of many locations and markets and the current retail environment and need to control or cut costs. And because we understand your needs, is continually creating leading edge retail label solutions that meet even your most complex business challenges from POS printing to all areas of your operation. has the retail label solutions that are critical to today's store operations. When you choose from our award-winning full-line label product portfolio, you'll also have access to innovative label applications from our label solutions, signage media, security labels and integrated  forms. And we will be with you every step of the way as you integrate your custom-tailored labeling and shipping solution and experience immediate benefits in your retail operation.

With a passion for service, goes beyond innovative products and solutions, offering personalized service, unmatched customer support and a higher degree of customization, making us a true label solutions partner. It's that reason you can expect more from and why you will feel a valued customer as we provide you with prompt professional service.

Healthcare Solutions - Overview

Unquestionably, the business of delivering healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. Providers are being asked to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and improve operations in an environment where costs are soaring and reimbursements are dwindling. and its RFID technology provide healthcare organizations, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies with comprehensive solutions to help them improve their business processes and overcome key challenges: solutions support fast and easy integration into a variety of Hospital Information Systems' platforms, thus improving the overall efficiency of operations and ensuring the most productive use of technology.

Healthcare - Informatics

What is Healthcare Informatics?

Health Informatics is "the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management and planning."

When it comes to healthcare quality initiatives, is a pioneer in RFID, providing automated processes and solutions that promote safe and secure EHR (Electronic Health Record) workflow management.

According to the American Medical Association, there are three primary categories of hardware that are required for an EHR:

  1. Computers

  2. Servers

  3. Printers / Scanners

  4. Wrist Bands with or without RFID

By implementing highly-dependable printing and imaging devices into daily workflow processes and information systems (IS), healthcare providers will benefit from improved patient care relationships.

During registration, patients' charts are barcoded with correct patient IDs; printed labels are then affixed to charts, document folders, wristbands, etc. The Label Auto Print System streamlines workflow by allowing healthcare professionals to quickly, easily and automatically duplicate those patient document labels.

This solution provides hospitals and pharmacies with a contingency plan for times when the IT system or network is down or offline due to maintenance, system failure or electrical outages.

Financial Services Solutions Overview

The challenges in the Financial Services industry have never been greater. Economic uncertainty, globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and customer-retention issues require industry players to have a unique value proposition and differentiation strategy. has designed a rich portfolio of label products, applications and label solutions for the banking industry to address current needs and allow for future opportunities.'s high-quality, cost-effective, on-demand label printing solutions help financial services customers reduce printing costs, improve customer service and reduce sales cycle time. Whether your label needs require color printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function printers), impact, label or POS printers,'s ultra-efficient label products will increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

By delivering enhanced performance and true label-on-demand capabilities,’s Financial Services labeling solutions can help you increase selling power and improve your bottom line. You can create and electronically distribute high-quality, customized, color retail bank signs and more at a very low total cost compared to short-run production printing.

Explore the many advantages of's label solutions for your business.

Manufacturing/Transportation Solutions Overview provides customized label solutions for various sectors of the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics industries, which help you migrate from older, costly technologies to new printer hardware platforms and business intelligence tools.  Our label solutions are designed to streamline your document processes and provide efficient and secure supply chain and logistics operations.  These solutions address the following areas of concern in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics companies
  • Increasing business and operational costs which creates the need for business process re-engineering
  • Expediting time to market without sacrificing product/service quality
  • Adapting strategies to match capital constraints in the current economic situation
  • Consolidating technology to reduce maintenance and consumable costs
  • Migrating from costly legacy systems that would be inefficient and costly to maintain in the long term
  • Compliance with GHS-formatted labels will help you to:
    • Optimize label productivity
    • Reduce label print costs for maintenance and overall operations
    • Improve financial health
    • Provide better customer service via technology
Education Solutions Overview

As an industry leader in labeling solutions for education, gives you the ability to bring learning to Life with color while being able to control the costs of printing labels and photo's. Studies have shown that color increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students' willingness to read and participate by up to 80%. That's the impact can deliver by providing printing label products with capabilities to print 18" long label banners with removable adhesive in stunning digital color and giving you the tools to actively manage and control printing activity in your school. offers Education-specific products and solutions, including a full line of end-to-end label technologies ranging from blank labels to RFID labels for label and POS printers – all backed by 12/7/365 North American-class customer support. 

Government Solutions Overview

Label solutions from perform in the most demanding government agencies to increase productivity while controlling print costs to meet budgets. Our label solutions enhance performance to enable secure labeling of high-quality documents, save time and reduce waste - all at an exceptionally low total label cost.’s offering includes blank label sheets for inkjet or high speed color laser printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function products), impact printers and label printers, and our label solutions for government include label management  that can optimize your operational efficiencies while enhancing your printing quality. also offers Total Managed Label™, a managed label service offering cost control to streamline your label cost, increase productivity and reduce labeling costs. Make your selection from our extensive collection of Pressure Sensitive Label Stocks on this web site or call Roy at 888-933-8498 to discuss your labeling needs or email