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How to Error-Proof the Labeling Process January 19 2017

 How to Error-Proof the Labeling Process

January 19, 2016.

Labeling errors are a costly problem in business today. At face value, incorrectly printing a roll of thermal transfer labels equals about $15 to $30 in wasted media plus the cost of the ribbon, wear on the printhead, and the labor used to print — and reprint — the labels.

But labeling errors can cost your business more than just the sticker price of printing supplies and additional labor. Not meeting the requirements of compliance labeling regulations can result in fines and penalties, and labeling errors that play a role in accidents or product recalls can put a company in the media spotlight, causing damage to a company’s reputation that can be difficult to overcome. A $15 to $30 roll of incorrectly printed labels can suddenly mean a loss of thousands of dollars for your company.

A business also could incur penalties for labeling errors from enterprise and industry customers. The auto industry, for example, levies fines and quality demerits for labeling noncompliance. And if labeling errors result in returns, downtime, product recalls, or unnecessary costs for your customers, they will suspend you from bidding on new business and may even find a new supplier or manufacturer.
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize — and even eliminate — errors through using the right tools and implementing the right label printing processes.

The Right Tools for the Job

For many manufacturing and supply chain applications, having the right label printing tools starts with rugged printer hardware. Rugged devices are designed and constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments — like the wash down areas of a produce grower’s operation or the floor of a manufacturing plant. These types of applications require a printer that is built to resist damage from water, dirt, dust, and chemicals and to keep performing regardless of temperature extremes or shocks from drops or tumbles.

It’s also important to select a printer that can be used where it’s needed, rather than one that’s tethered
to a workstation in a back room, which requires unnecessary, time-consuming steps between where labels are printed and where they are used — and creates an opportunity for the wrong labels to be picked up and applied. Rugged printers with small footprints may be the solution for areas with limited counter or workspace, and mobile printers enable employees to print labels anywhere they are working throughout the facility, on the dock, or even in the field.

Smart printers that use machine-to-machine (M2M) technology are a fool-proof way to eliminate labeling errors. Smart printers can be integrated directly into a manufacturing line or other process: Using onboard TWPLC Printer or TWSmart Pack software, smart printers receive digital input from devices such
as scales,portable or fixed scanners, RFID readers,or manufacturing equipment.

Smart printers provide a way to automate label printing and offer users the added benefit of eliminating a PC from the process — which also eliminates the need for OS upgrades and patches, PC maintenance, misuse by employees, and the risk of hacking. Although smart printers don’t require a PC, they still have the ability to exchange data with PC databases through wired or wireless connectivity. And because the printers can all be programmed with identical functionality, they are interchangeable, which avoids downtime or reprogramming if a printer needs to be repaired or replaced.
There are a wide variety of applications for smart printers in a number of industries, such as:
    •    Connecting to a scale to create labels based on package weight or to error-proof a container filling operation.
    •    Using a barcode reader to create labels for supplies or a patient’s belongings during a hospital procedure. 

    •    Communicating with an RFID reader to create labels for restocking returned merchandise in a retail store regardless of the application, smart printers deliver consistent, accurate, high-quality labels that rival or exceed those produced by traditional printing solutions.

The right tools for an error-proof printing job also include the right printing supplies and media, which is an especially vital issue for operations that require the use of different media and supplies for different product or packaging labels. Using the wrong label media can result in labels that are easily damaged and barcodes that are unreadable, and not using the right supplies could mean inks are incompatible with label materials, diminishing quality or label durability.

        To make sure your employees are using the right label media and supplies, stock them in clearly labeled locations close to the printing processes where they are needed so they aren’t mistakenly used in the wrong processes. Color coding can help differentiate different types of labels.

The Right Processes
The right tools for labeling processes can’t produce accurate labels without the right processes in place. Some processes have built-in vulnerability to user error — whether it’s the chance an employee could click the wrong label in a drop down menu, let an error in data slip through, misuse color, or mislabel parts (e.g., left-hand vs. right-hand, similar, or sequenced items).

Adopting an on-demand printing process can help reduce labeling errors. With on-demand printing, you print labels as they are needed, unlike traditional batch printing which creates the opportunity for an employee to grab the wrong stack of labels that were printed in advance. Furthermore, when using on-demand printing with technology such as PLC’s or auto ID solutions, the label is printed automatically from digital input to a smart printer — and human error is completely eliminated.

On-demand printing ensures the right label for the right part/container every time. If there is an error in data or design, or if the wrong media is loaded into the printer, it’s easier to correct the error — and you only need to replace one label rather than a whole batch. It’s also important to include quality assurance/control in your labeling process to ensure label accuracy and compliance before items and packages are delivered to customers or placed on the sales floor.

When compliance with regulations or customer standards is at stake, adding QC to each step of the labeling process from design, printing, to application can help ensure you are meeting requirements such as:
    •    Unique Identification (UID) for government contracts
    •    Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals (GHS)
    •    FDA labeling
    •    Country of origin food labeling
    •    Produce Traceability Initiative standards
    •    GSI 128 barcode specifications
    •    Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)
    •    Health Industry Business Communication Council

 Reality of Human Error

As long as there is the opportunity for an employee to make a mistake, one will probably happen eventually. For this reason, solutions that are simple, intuitive, and easy to learn are the most error- proof. Using a smart printer that receives data directly from equipment on a manufacturing line or from devices such as an RFID reader or barcode scanner removes many of the opportunities for human error from the labeling process. Smart printers also make it easier to train new employees and help even the most experienced workers do their jobs more accurately and productively.

Training is another factor in minimizing labeling errors. Review the training program employees undergo before operating label printing processes to ensure they are sufficiently briefed on how to accurately and efficiently print and apply labels. Training should also include education on the importance of the job these employees are performing and the responsibility they have to help the company stay incompliance with regulatory and industry standards, as well as to their role in providing top-notch customer service.  

Keys to Error-Proofing

Take a critical look at the process currently used in your operation, and assess the risk of error. If you find risk, eliminate it with these three key steps:

    1.    Make sure you use rugged equipment best suited to your operation, as well as ensuring employees always use the right supplies and materials.
    2.    Implement on-demand printing processes to print the right label for the right item at the right time
    3.    Deploy technology, such as smart printing, that removes the element of human error from the process. 
The measures you take to error-proof your labeling processes will have return on investment (ROI) in cost savings and minimizing waste, but also through regulatory compliance that solidifies your reputation for quality products and exceptional service that your customers depend on.

About Smart Printing Solutions from

A Smart Label Printing solution from improves accuracy by eliminating mislabeling caused by human error on even the most commonly mislabeled parts. Serialized label data can be stored in a database, which provides an audit trail and streamlines recalls and warranty claims. Smart Printers are as flexible and versatile as a PC without the “baggage” of a PC. It’s why Smart Printers are best suited for Label Error Proofing applications. is an industry-leading integrator of label solutions across barcoding, card, and GPS applications we make sure the solution addresses your label business’ unique needs with our vast array of cost effective label sizes in both roll and sheet form .

Roy Harris

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Blaine WA 98230

Toll Free 888-933-8498
 now makes 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" blank label Sheets for the Gemini Digital Sheet Label Die Cutter. January 16 2017 now ships blank label sheets for the DuraFast Label Company new Gemini Digital Label Sheet Die Cutter that works with all our blank label sheet stocks.

Label Sheets for  Digital die cutter  now shipping

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 16, 2017  DuraFast Label Company a division of Sector Nine Distribution Ltd from Toronto, Ontario is now shipping the new Gemini digital sheet label die cutter to customers across Canada and the USA. The Gemini die cutter was formally launched in Chicago, Illinois, this September at Label Expo.

Spokesman for the Company, said that the Gemini digital sheet label die cutter will sell for $8,095.00 CAD. “This is an incredible price for a digital die cutter of this caliber,” he said. “And it works with label sheets printed with standard color inkjet and laser printers (letter or tabloid size that are available from in more than 40 different label stocks). This opens the doors to businesses that aren’t ready for a standalone – and costly – digital label press.”

The Gemini die cutter is used to cut pressure sensitive sheet labels or tag sheets after they’ve been printed. The Gemini senses black marks using an internal camera and iMark software, allowing for precise alignment and cutting.

“This die cutter is a good bargain for a wide range of businesses with diverse printing and cutting needs,” Khalifa said. “Use the Gemini with an inkjet or laser color printer you already own or pair it with the UniNet iColor 600 (tabloid) or iColor 500, which prints sheet labels using the standard four colors (CMYK) as well as white and fluorescent toners,” he explained.

Learn more by watching the Gemini die cutting video at

Based in the United States, helps businesses across Canada, USA, bring label printing, cutting, and finishing in-house. manufactures its own label stock and they work in all of the leading brands of color label printers, digital label presses, digital label finishing systems, and digital die cutters such as the Gemini sheet label die cutter.

Transition to GHS label compliance Industrial Grade and Chemical Labels. November 29 2016

November 28, 2016

Paint and coating formulators, distributors and end users must now make sure that their chemical labels are GHS compliant – and if not, be prepared to document for OSHA their good faith efforts to become so, including an expected timeline for reaching compliance.

The industry will also need to determine how to integrate such compliance with the American Coatings Association (ACA)’s Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

The “Globally Harmonized System” (GHS) was established by the United Nations to create a unified system for identifying and communicating hazardous chemicals. In the U.S., OSHA set a June 2015 deadline for chemical manufacturers to use GHS compliant labels, followed by a December 2015 deadline for distributors, and June 2016 deadline for end users.

As such, paint and coating formulators must re-classify any products containing hazardous chemicals based on a common chemical classification system defined by GHS. They must update their safety data sheets and use GHS-compliant labels to identify their hazardous chemicals.

Paint and coating importers and distributors, in turn, must ensure that any products with hazardous chemicals they sell have GHS-compliant safety data sheets and GHS-compliant labels.

For those currently using HMIS labels for in-plant containers, related written documentation, and training, the question is how to achieve GHS compliance and integrate it with HMIS, which has been a paint and coatings industry standard for decades. Though differences exist in the two systems, such as opposite numbering for the level of hazard, OSHA allows employers to use HMIS in the workplace as long as it is consistent with GHS (HCS 2012) and workers are properly trained for GHS.

Instead of investing in costly dedicated printer/label/software systems, small to medium sized companies are easing the transition to GHS label compliance. More are turning to flexible, lower cost options, such as industrial-grade labels from, that allow printing durable GHS, HMIS, or hybrid labels on demand with existing laser printers and certain inkjet printers. designed its heavy duty GHS Chemical Labels to meet the most rigorous GHS requirements. The durable synthetic labels are chemical resistant, tear resistant, abrasion resistant and constructed with a marine-grade adhesive that is waterproof and passes a 90-day seawater submersion adhesion test. Unlike typical labels, which crack and harden in harsh conditions, they are UV resistant with 5+ years of outdoor UV life.

“Staying GHS compliant will not only help paint and coating industry organizations avoid OSHA fines, sanctions, or auditing, but also will help them open new global markets since GHS is a global standard,” says Roy Harris, Label Engineer at, a chemical compliance and label information specialist. provides such GHS and HMIS-compliant label templates at no cost making to make it easy for employees to create and print their own GHS and HMIS labels from pre-designed templates on their laser or digital printers .

To help companies stay compliant for GHS, HMIS, and other regulatory situations, including OSHA safety communication, has partnered with the best label stock manufacturers in America to deliver you the best quality die cut label stock for less.

Target date for implementation of GHS in Canada

The Hazardous Products Regulations were published in Canada Gazette, Part II on February 11, 2015. Both the amended Hazardous Products Act and new regulations are currently in force. “In force” means that suppliers may begin to use and follow the new requirements for labels and SDSs for hazardous products sold, distributed, or imported into Canada.

A multi-year transition plan has been announced. From now until May 31, 2017 suppliers (manufacturers and importers) can use WHMIS 1988 or WHMIS 2015 to classify and communicate the hazards of their products (suppliers must use one system or the other). Beginning June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018, distributors and suppliers importing for their own use can continue to use WHMIS 1988 or WHMIS 2015.

Access the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety fact sheet spelling out the regulations and compliance dates for industry. now offers UV LED ink suitable for food compliant Labels. November 08 2016 has confirmed the global availability of a UV LED curable low migration ink series suitable for food compliant labels and packaging applications.

 As previously reported,this new ink is available in the full range of Pantone basic colors, 4-color process set plus orange, green and violet for expanded color gamut printing and opaque white, as well as a range of coatings, adhesives and metallics.

The new product is part of the UV LED curable inks family which includes UV LED curable inks for flexo and screen printing, and a wide range of metallics, coatings and adhesives.

This new ink is reported to offer very good color strength and adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates. It has documented low migration properties achieved at print speeds in excess of 500 f/min, meets specific migration levels below 10 ppb, 50 ppb or SML, and is compliant to Nestle Guidance Note, Swiss Ordinance and FDA regulations. It has been tested using the food simulants of 95% Ethanol, Tenax, and Acetic Acid at 40 degrees C for 10 days.

This new ink combines UV LED curing along with low migration food compliant chemistries. Together, the technologies enable food safe printing with the highest reliability and productivity due to stable curing at high press speeds and optimized UV LED ink chemistry.

Roy Harris CEO for, commented: ‘Fitting with our commitment to support food compliant labels and packaging, it is with great excitement that we commercialize this new product line of ink. 

This new ink expands our low migration portfolio and enables customers to grow their business with short run flexible food packaging.’

‘We believe strongly in low migration UV LED technology. The combination offers all the economic benefits of UV LED curing, including better press up time and productivity and reduced energy consumption; along with the peace of mind customers who are seeking food compliant packaging due to the assuredness of cure.

‘We have finalized investments in our  production capabilities in the US  and Canada , and are now globally commercializing the industry’s first ever low migration UV LED flexo inks. We also recently completed an intense period of beta tests with selected converters, lamp and press partners who collaborated with us on this ground breaking development.’

‘The combination of LED low migration inks and highly efficient printing presses will become an unbeatable combination to address the increasing demand for shorter and shorter run lengths in the flexible packaging market.’

Printing Prime Labels for Less at November 01 2016

 November 1st, 2016.

 On-demand label printing has grown from being exotic to something that manufacturers of all types and sizes use frequently or even exclusively. Not only smaller manufacturers are in need of short- to medium-run, full-color customized product labels as a way to increase their sales numbers by making their products stand out through innovative packaging and labeling.

It also allows manufacturers of all sizes to offer private label goods in smaller quantities, as the industry realized that offering personalized products is a great sales tool that can add to the success of a product.

But finding a cost-effective and convenient way to produce high-quality, color labels has not been easy., a leading manufacturer of high quality die cut laser- and inkjet-based label sheets, has successfully developed short to medium-run label solutions. Using intelligent technology, creates labels from your design, print and finish labels of any shape or form. Customers can choose from hundreds of die sizes or get us to custom print your color label  using our digital printing and finishing system.

“Smaller companies usually start with pre-designed or even handmade labels, but when they get bigger they need to professionalize the production of their labels,” says Roy Harris, the label engineer at “For start-up and small business our entry-level color label service is the best choice.”

Our roll-to-roll UV Ink based digital printer, is the perfect solution for a broad range of manufacturers who need to print from just a 100 labels to tens of thousands of labels at a time. With high dpi print resolution and exceptional print speeds delivers professional full-color print quality along with fast turn around and output that has much deeper and far more vibrant colors.

We also have Printed label stocks that are waterproof, highly scratch, smudge and tear-resistant. Ink is also highly UV-resistant so our printed labels can be used indoors or outdoors.

If finished rolls are needed, our Digital systems can provide many finishes to  the printed output with several different operations including: lamination, digital die cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewinding. Utilizing state of the art  technology, virtually any size and shape of label can be produced including complicated contour cuts, without the need to purchase rotary or flat dies.

At ordering massive quantities of pre-printed labels is no longer needed, there’s no set-up charges, either.  Letting print your labels saves time and money in other ways, too.

Design changes can be accomplished immediately so there’s no wasted inventory – as only the labels are printed that are needed when they are needed – no matter it be 100, 1000 or 100,000 labels. Cost per label is almost always significantly lower than other vendors, too.

So next time you need labels use or call Roy toll free at 888-933-8498 or email art work to or use our quoting system on our web site to get your best quality and price anywhere in the USA or Canada.

New Shrink Sleeves for 12 oz and 16oz Beer Cans and 750ml. Aluminum bottles. September 07 2016 now offers shrink sleeves for 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans, 32 oz. Crowlers and 750 ml. aluminum bottles!
Customers in the beverage industry are facing challenges with having to order large minimums of printed cans and not filling all the cans they order. They want better graphics and smaller custom runs that make their product stand out in a crowd. To solve these challenges, many in the beverage industry are turning to heat applied shrink sleeves on cans. offers 360° graphics printed with the highest quality 7-color digital press, or a 10-color UV flexo press, to create shrink sleeves with consistency at any quantity. Reverse printing on the inside of clear heat shrink film provides scratch, fade and moisture resistance, making shrink sleeves ideal for the beverage industry.


If you have ordered too many printed cans, don't throw them out! has the ability to create cover-up shrink sleeves to repurpose those cans!

Multiple Versions of Craft Beer Shrink Sleeves can help you with solutions, from a small can run, to a truckload order out of our Chicago location. We have 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans in stock waiting to be sleeved. Or, contact your local co-packer or mobile canner for sleeve application specifications.'s in-house design team can help bring your concept to reality. We can provide anything from actual can mock-ups to completed sleeved cans, delivered to your co-packer and ready to fill. With prototype proofs are provided on all new orders.
Have other sleeve projects? Call us to discuss your shrink sleeve application at 888-933-8498 or email Roy at

Pre Die-Cut and Full-Sheet 11 x 17 & 12 x 18 Label Stock for HP Indigo and other Digital Presses September 01 2016

Uslabel  is expanding its line of professional-grade 11" x 17" and 12" x 18"  pre die-cut and full-sheet label stocks for HP Indigo and other digital sheet presses building on the early success of its  entry into this important and growing label sheet market.  

Professional printers and graphic designers can now purchase new unique pressure-sensitive substrates that eliminate the need for post-production finishes and specialized inks, reducing costs, increasing profitability and speeding up the printing process.

Our  beautiful label substrates offer an understated elegance that transforms a basic label design into a superior experience. Along with branding items like soaps, candies and cosmetics, our luxurious label substrates are ideal for adding an elegant touch to any item needing a high-quality look and feel.

These premium material’s special coating provides a feel that begs to be touched. While this type of high gloss finish has been available for magazine and book covers as well as packaging, it was the first of its kind in the pressure-sensitive label market that printers are demanding.

Our new Silver label material  provides a metalized look without the use of metallic inks. The bright silver color and smooth surface are perfect for adding an upscale look to health and beauty products and event and party accessories. The label stock also features a permanent adhesive, making it ideal for electronic asset tagging and beverage labeling.

Along with these two new exciting materials, is adding a collection of Semi-Gloss and Brown Kraft label stocks available with permanent adhesives, a durable full-sheet stock, and  a durable polypropylene Name Badge stock.

“ is excited to expand its digital press range with our new collection for HP Indigo and other digital printers,” said Roy Harris, CEO for “The new line complements our existing collection of quality die cut substrates, with the addition of some exciting new materials and sizes.”

All of the new products are ideal for short-run, print-on-demand applications and are available in a variety of full-sheet and pre die-cut shapes and sizes in 11" x 17" and 12"x 18" sheets that will work in HP Indigo digital presses as well as a multitude of other digital and offset printing equipment.


Offering Label Design Services at Fixed Price $199USD. August 01 2016

We are offering Label Design including Logo and 3D Mock up design at reasonable flat fee price of $199USD which includes up to 3 revisions if required.

All art work created and printed by us may be used for commercial purposes. We will do front, Back and Side labels any size from 1/2" and up including 3D imagery in high definition. We will need 5 to 6 days to create and deliver your label design from your rough sketch and artwork that you email us to create your label.

Here are some samples of our art work work below:



We look forward to discussing your next Labeling Project.
In North America Please Call 888-933-8498  or email is celebrating 30 years in business serving the Industrial and home base Label Markets. July 21 2016 is a supplier of die cut and printed labels, offering a multitude of sizes and label stock supplies for printing labels. In addition to a full line of blank labels in sheets and roll solutions, offers a full line of Printed Labels on rolls or sheets as well as thermal ribbons and hot stamping ribbons.

‘We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 30 years,’ commented Roy Harris, CEO and label engineer.’ From our ever expanding line of die cut label sheets, to our extensive line of blank roll labels and printed labels, is continuously growing its product line to provide unique and economical solutions to our  customers in the United States and Canada that we ship same day next business day.

‘With more new products continuously in development, we are excited to see what the next 30 years will bring. Call Roy toll free at 888-933-8498 with any questions you have regarding your next label project. Announces that its label stocks work with all New Cannon Maxify Printers July 20 2016

July 19, 2016
News image anounced today that all our inkjet label stocks will work with Canon's new next-generation Maxify wireless inkjet printers.

The MAXIFY MB5420, MB5120, MB2720, MB2120 and iB4120 printers offer improved functionality, such as increased print speeds for labels, management information base (MIB) support, and select models offer larger LCD screens.

Each printer also features cloud printing capabilities. “Since the launch of the MAXIFY brand of printers, Canon has been un-waveringly committed to supporting small and home office business professionals with products and services they need to improve the workflow for their business,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A. “The new generation of MAXIFY printers further solidifies this commitment with the incorporation of feature sets that are specifically designed to help the business owner nurture and grow their business.”

This allows for the high quality of Label Printing using superior inkjet label stocks from

Next Generation MAXIFY Models Ideal for Micro, Small and Home Office Business Owners Looking for Cost-Effective Printing Solutions with 100-percent U.S. Based Service and Support

 NY., July 19, 2016 –, a leader in digital label imaging solutions, today introduced a group of superior high end inkjet uncoated white, gloss white and crystal clear label stocks with permanent adhesive that will offer high quality digital prints on Cannon Inkjet printers for all of today’s home office, micro business and small business owners. Designed with label users in the legal, accounting, construction, real estate, healthcare, retail and food service industries in mind, these Wi-Fi® enabled printers offer improved functionality, such as increased print speeds of labels, management information base (MIB) support, and select models offer larger LCD screens. Each printer also features cloud printing capabilities 2, 3, 4, and access to best-in-class 100 percent U.S.-based service and support, giving consumers peace of mind around a sound investment in DIY label technology.

We have extended our range of label products with BS5609 approval June 29 2016

June 29, 2016.
The BS5609 standard contains provisions to ensure that dangerous goods transported by sea should be durably labeled and identified has extended its range of self-adhesive label products that comply with section two of the internationally recognized BS5609 standard for self-adhesive labels for marine use.

The BS5609 standard contains provisions to ensure that dangerous goods transported by sea should be durably labeled and identified. Section two details the requirements for pressure-sensitive adhesive laminates and rates their performance in terms of dimensional stability, adhesion, artificial weathering, temperature cycling and color fastness, as well as exposure to marine conditions for three months.

Five new product approvals bring the number of label products that meet the requirements of the standard to almost 50.

Four of the new products conforming to BS5609 section two – PET White TC 50, PP Solid White TC 60, PP Matt Solid White 60 and Polyprint 100 White – use a RC77 adhesive, a strong permanent adhesive designed specifically for industrial chemical drum labeling. RC77 has improved temperature and chemical resistance, as well as good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces to ensure containers remain clearly identifiable throughout their lifetime.

The fifth product, PP White UVI 60 for UV inkjet digital printing, uses a RP77 adhesive. RP77 is a high-tack adhesive with good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces.

Why Buy Labels from June 21 2016

June 21, 2016

The title here is a play on words. We are not talking about a “just any label webstore.” We are talking about an acronym for a quality product at a reasonable price that is delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Decades ago, a famed label maker, distilled the art of a successful label transaction into three components—Time, Information, and Power.

In label print sales it is critically important to apply this trinity to any situation in which a label sale can be made.


We begin with power. You can go into punt formation on this one, as in most instances, that you the customer have all the power. You are in the supplicant’s position. You decide to whom you will award the label job to. We at do not  shower you with promises we cannot keep, and present the most attractive and simple package of quality and pricing to you and look for a favorable response.

But wait! There is an exception. If you the customer have special needs and at we are the realistic option for you. We make sure that you receive the best possible prompt professional service to insure you understand the value we provide you our valued customer.


Time usually centers on delivery in our business. Often, with all due respects to the Rolling Stones, time is not on our side. You the customer tells us when you want the job delivered, and it falls on us to make that deadline where ever possible.


Other than giving us the specs, this is the one that belongs to us in the world of label die cutting and printing.

Information takes two forms. One is printing and the other is die cutting expertise. Anytime we can inform or guide a customer on a project. We are able to spot a customer who needs direction, and we are here to help with a sagacious soul on the production side of the company just call Roy he is friendly and eager to help you with your label needs.

We can do a lot of things with information and can supply samples, or just production information about label printing and die cutting are just examples of the impact of information. Label Buyers are less sophisticated than ever, so we welcome the opportunity to help label buyers in accomplishing their product labeling needs.

The other side of is information about the customer's needs. We like to know as much as possible about our customers. I don’t just mean print preferences. We mean everything and anything appropriate, as well as budget size, other printers they use, and especially company goals.

Our Aim to to provide you with the best service and finished product on the market today.

So with all this said please feel free to give me a call at 888-933-8498 to discuss your blank or printed die cut label needs. Or you may email Roy at
Look forward to being of service to you soon.
Roy Harris Label Engineer.

Our Thermal Transfer Labels work with Epson ColorWorks C7500G Inkjet Label Printers June 16 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Thermal Transfer labels will work with Epson ColorWorks C7500G that Ensures Customer Satisfaction Through Creation of  High-Quality, On-Demand Color and Black & White Label Printing 

New York  Ny. – today announced that our thermal transfer labels now work with the new Epson ColorWorks®C7500G inkjet label printer to create high-quality color and black-and-white labels for its growing roster of  customers. As a leading provider of labeling and distribution services, including custom advanced high-quality label printing solution to address the varying demands of our customers,  our labels provided a flexible and easy-to-use option to meet their needs.

“Our customers demand durable, high-quality label solutions with sometimes very specific details such as barcodes, graphics and meticulous logos – expectations that laser printers, and even legacy two-step inkjet color printing solutions are met said Roy Harris, label engineer, “Using the Epson ColorWorks solution to print on-demand, full color labels has allowed our customers better manage their expenses and keep up with the ever-changing labeling market. The Epson printer is a product that we can rely on to get the job done for our clients using our blank thermal transfer labels that are coated to accept inkjet printing.”

Careful management and a highly flexible production environment allows us to ship a variety of label products same day next business day, particularly because we at offer such a varied label portfolio. With more than 80,000 productsavailable for same day next business shipping our different preferences when it comes to label production are available 24/7.

By using our blank thermal labels with the  Epson’s ColorWorks C7500G printer we have  been able to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction, that produces a bright, vibrant color label that are almost photo-like in quality on a wide range of label media, including glossy inkjet stock. The high quality of our products provides a luxurious look and feel that complements the packaging.

In addition, our blank labels has helped to meet the requirements of the Food & Drug Administration’s unique device identifier (UDI) system by allowing the easy identification of medical devices and corresponding packages.

To provide the most thorough set of recommendations to our customers, enlisted the help of Avery Dennison its partner for label stocks for supply chain services, for additional insight a provider of supply chain, retail, and mobile workforce solutions for business-critical applications including enterprise printing. “ can produce labels that are strong enough to endure the harsh atmosphere that some products may encounter during the shipping process, including radiation, ethylene oxide and gamma rays. Plus, while not a mandatory characteristic for medical device labels, color coding or color images help users easily distinguish products.”

Ideal for high mix label requirements, solutions deliver dependable blank labels for commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks to meet stringent quality and efficiency demands of industrial customers. In addition, given the on-demand nature of the printers, can quickly customize label size and information, eliminating the need to inventory high numbers of pre-printed labels, resulting in much lower overall label costs. 

“We are pleased to be able to provide our customers with an on-demand color labeling solution that offers the flexibility and quality required in a complex manufacturing environment,” said Roy Harris, Label Engineer at “The ColorWorks C7500G printer allows the production of full-color labels, when and how they need them, allowing for reduced downtime and full control of business production using blank label solutions .”

Today's modern Label Printing and Die-cutting. June 09 2016

June 9, 2016

There is no denying that digital technologies are forcing the label printing and graphics industry to evolve. Most of the time, when the term “digital” is used, it is in relation to a new press or output device. But digital is changing the finishing side of the business as well, and die-cutting labels is one area that is reaping the benefits.

Like with label presses, digital die-cutting technologies shine the brightest on shorter runs or even variable jobs. Like the inkjet label presses, they can easily produce 500 completely unique pieces in a single run, whereas the traditional methods, like the flexo printing technologies they evolved alongside, were designed for longer runs. Digital die-cutting equipment brings a host of potential benefits to a shop. A few of those include:

1. The Dies.

One of the single biggest benefits to going digital versus the traditional die cutters is the fact that there are no dies. “The biggest advantage to any digital technology is the ability to produce short runs profitably and far more rapidly than conventional methods,” said Roy Harris, CEO, “There is no die – so reduced time and expenses there – and the digital process means that the entire process is streamlined and allows for last minute changes, edits, etc. This means that anyone with digital capability can start immediately reaping the benefits on existing jobs while building a new and incremental business with the extended capabilities.”

Label Printers traditionally would have to wait 1-3 days for a die to be created and shipped, and then once the job is done, it has to be stored somewhere, incurring additional costs. Not to mention, if the client wants to re-run the job, the die has to be shipped back from the storage warehouse, which is frequently located elsewhere. This is one area where digital label printing truly shines, since it eliminates a wide range of time and money costs directly out of the jobs.

2. Craftsmanship.

There is no denying that label printing's past was all about art. Label Printers were master craftsmen, and the finishing side of things was a big part of the finished product. Even a decade ago, creating dies was an art, and knowing how to run jobs on different substrates and sizes and get consistently good results was something a professional could dedicate an entire career to learning.

But more and more, label printing is becoming a manufacturing process, which requires quicker turn-around times and consistent results no matter who is running the job. And digital die-cutting machines allow that mentality to carry through the entire line, instead of coming to a screeching halt when the printed pieces hit the finishing department.

“Unfortunately, the quality of the die can still be quite variable and building them is still a black art. When the die is running on the press, there is a challenge to the physical act of a die press.

Different paper reacts differently to the die and release liner. There is  software to tell a die-maker how to make the die correctly. A real pro knows how the substrate will react to the die, and he can tweak it. However, if the expert is on vacation, the die might not be made as well. Digital die cutting does not have this problem. It cuts the same way all the time. The digital file is just sent to the finisher and it carries off the task.”

3. Run Length.

The label printing world is moving toward shorter, more personalized runs. That’s not to say that the longer runs will ever vanish completely, but, especially when it comes to marketing, brands and companies are looking to stand out from the crowd and personalized materials help them do just that.

But the personalizing doesn’t need to end with the print job. 500 individually printed labels could all be printed the same way, but they don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same size with digital die-cutting equipment.

“Today's  digital die-cutting systems offer varying degrees of automation and very quick changes combined with high production speeds, which make them equally as efficient and profitable for short run digitally personalized runs as they are for longer run applications.

4. Footprint.

Label Printing presses are not small machines. And the equipment needed to finish those jobs is not small either. In the past, this was a good reason for many printers to outsource the work — on top of not having to invest in the equipment, personnel and materials, they could use the limited space in their shops for machines with a higher ROI.

Today, however, while they still wouldn’t be called minuscule, the footprint of the digital die-cutting equipment is quite a bit smaller than it used to be.

“The biggest difference between a traditional die-cutting machine and the new digital model is the footprint of the machine,” noted Roy Harris. “With machines which run on a magnetic cylinders, the footprint is relatively small compared to the larger clam shell or flat-bed die-cutters that remain popular in the market. All applications that would normally be done on the bigger footprint machines can now be done on much smaller units.”

5. Flexibility.

Traditional die-cutting equipment had certain limitations and the type and thickness of the substrate had a major impact on the finished product. Not to mention, it was difficult to cut more exotic materials. And it’s not just the flexibility of the output either. The newer machines are far more modular in design, allowing Label Printers to evolve and grow without needing to re-invest every few years.

“High-performance digital cutting systems cut just about any material you can imagine,” Roy said,  “That makes a digital cutting system much more versatile and cost effective than a traditional die-cutting machine. The biggest pros for a digital cutting system are their unique functional versatility as well as their ease of use and compelling cost-benefit ratio.

Thanks to their unique modular design, [these] cutters have the ability to evolve right along with our customer’s needs. At any time, they can be easily upgraded or reconfigured, ensuring their long-term productivity and ROI.”

6. Time and Speed.

All of these benefits add up to two basic things: savings in the time it takes to produce jobs, and the speed at which they can be produced.

Not only that, but the newer equipment can even be run directly in line with the press, instead of needing to be two completely separate process, often run in different areas of the shop, freeing up the man power and storage space needed to move and queue jobs waiting to go into finishing.

Label Printers can cut costs and improve their bottom line, but they can also better sell the value of the service, as they can provide near immediate, finished pieces in a matter of days or even hours, as opposed to needing weeks or months from start to finish.

There is no denying that, like offset presses, there is still a place in the industry for traditional flexo die-cutting equipment.

Label Solutions for North American Industries June 01 2016

As a Business to Business label specialist, understands the dynamic challenges that face today's North American industries. We offer a full line of custom die cut label sheets and rolls designed to increase business productivity while providing a low total label cost. We’re committed to providing customized label solutions for a wide range of North American industries. Whether your focus is finding the best label solution for education, healthcare, retail, government, banking or manufacturing & transportation, offers hundreds of standard cost-effective blank label and full color printing solutions that will streamline processes and increase business efficiency and productivity.

Retail - Overview

When you partner with, you get more than just a label supplier. You get a label solutions partner with a passion for retail. It's our 36 years of dedicated experience that enables us to understand the fast-moving business, the management of many locations and markets and the current retail environment and need to control or cut costs. And because we understand your needs, is continually creating leading edge retail label solutions that meet even your most complex business challenges from POS printing to all areas of your operation. has the retail label solutions that are critical to today's store operations. When you choose from our award-winning full-line label product portfolio, you'll also have access to innovative label applications from our label solutions, signage media, security labels and integrated  forms. And we will be with you every step of the way as you integrate your custom-tailored labeling and shipping solution and experience immediate benefits in your retail operation.

With a passion for service, goes beyond innovative products and solutions, offering personalized service, unmatched customer support and a higher degree of customization, making us a true label solutions partner. It's that reason you can expect more from and why you will feel a valued customer as we provide you with prompt professional service.

Healthcare Solutions - Overview

Unquestionably, the business of delivering healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. Providers are being asked to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and improve operations in an environment where costs are soaring and reimbursements are dwindling. and its RFID technology provide healthcare organizations, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies with comprehensive solutions to help them improve their business processes and overcome key challenges: solutions support fast and easy integration into a variety of Hospital Information Systems' platforms, thus improving the overall efficiency of operations and ensuring the most productive use of technology.

Healthcare - Informatics

What is Healthcare Informatics?

Health Informatics is "the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management and planning."

When it comes to healthcare quality initiatives, is a pioneer in RFID, providing automated processes and solutions that promote safe and secure EHR (Electronic Health Record) workflow management.

According to the American Medical Association, there are three primary categories of hardware that are required for an EHR:

  1. Computers

  2. Servers

  3. Printers / Scanners

  4. Wrist Bands with or without RFID

By implementing highly-dependable printing and imaging devices into daily workflow processes and information systems (IS), healthcare providers will benefit from improved patient care relationships.

During registration, patients' charts are barcoded with correct patient IDs; printed labels are then affixed to charts, document folders, wristbands, etc. The Label Auto Print System streamlines workflow by allowing healthcare professionals to quickly, easily and automatically duplicate those patient document labels.

This solution provides hospitals and pharmacies with a contingency plan for times when the IT system or network is down or offline due to maintenance, system failure or electrical outages.

Financial Services Solutions Overview

The challenges in the Financial Services industry have never been greater. Economic uncertainty, globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and customer-retention issues require industry players to have a unique value proposition and differentiation strategy. has designed a rich portfolio of label products, applications and label solutions for the banking industry to address current needs and allow for future opportunities.'s high-quality, cost-effective, on-demand label printing solutions help financial services customers reduce printing costs, improve customer service and reduce sales cycle time. Whether your label needs require color printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function printers), impact, label or POS printers,'s ultra-efficient label products will increase productivity and reduce printing costs.

By delivering enhanced performance and true label-on-demand capabilities,’s Financial Services labeling solutions can help you increase selling power and improve your bottom line. You can create and electronically distribute high-quality, customized, color retail bank signs and more at a very low total cost compared to short-run production printing.

Explore the many advantages of's label solutions for your business.

Manufacturing/Transportation Solutions Overview provides customized label solutions for various sectors of the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics industries, which help you migrate from older, costly technologies to new printer hardware platforms and business intelligence tools.  Our label solutions are designed to streamline your document processes and provide efficient and secure supply chain and logistics operations.  These solutions address the following areas of concern in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics companies
  • Increasing business and operational costs which creates the need for business process re-engineering
  • Expediting time to market without sacrificing product/service quality
  • Adapting strategies to match capital constraints in the current economic situation
  • Consolidating technology to reduce maintenance and consumable costs
  • Migrating from costly legacy systems that would be inefficient and costly to maintain in the long term
  • Compliance with GHS-formatted labels will help you to:
    • Optimize label productivity
    • Reduce label print costs for maintenance and overall operations
    • Improve financial health
    • Provide better customer service via technology
Education Solutions Overview

As an industry leader in labeling solutions for education, gives you the ability to bring learning to Life with color while being able to control the costs of printing labels and photo's. Studies have shown that color increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students' willingness to read and participate by up to 80%. That's the impact can deliver by providing printing label products with capabilities to print 18" long label banners with removable adhesive in stunning digital color and giving you the tools to actively manage and control printing activity in your school. offers Education-specific products and solutions, including a full line of end-to-end label technologies ranging from blank labels to RFID labels for label and POS printers – all backed by 12/7/365 North American-class customer support. 

Government Solutions Overview

Label solutions from perform in the most demanding government agencies to increase productivity while controlling print costs to meet budgets. Our label solutions enhance performance to enable secure labeling of high-quality documents, save time and reduce waste - all at an exceptionally low total label cost.’s offering includes blank label sheets for inkjet or high speed color laser printers, mono printers, MFPs (multi-function products), impact printers and label printers, and our label solutions for government include label management  that can optimize your operational efficiencies while enhancing your printing quality. also offers Total Managed Label™, a managed label service offering cost control to streamline your label cost, increase productivity and reduce labeling costs. Make your selection from our extensive collection of Pressure Sensitive Label Stocks on this web site or call Roy at 888-933-8498 to discuss your labeling needs or email



    Can our Labels Be The Solution for Walmart Boxes? April 14 2016

    Can Labels Be The Solution for Walmart Boxes?

    Much has been made recently about Walmart's box labeling requirements and how it will effect their supply chain. Walmart is the dominant retailer with long supply chain roots throughout the world.

    It takes extreme organizational skills to move massive amounts of products from manufacturer to the store shelves. Any weak link in that system can lead to confusion and financial losses. So when Walmart wants to upgrade the efficiency and accuracy of the shipping cases they receive at their stores, thousands of companies must take notice.

    Walmart-ink-jet-bar-code-Tide.jpgApparently most companies are now switching to Brown Kraft 11" x 17" Laser Label Stock print variable information on their boxes. Walmart requires Interleaved 2 of 5 GTIN14 bar codes on every box shipped to their vast array of distribution centers and stores. But when these boxes are stacked in the store stockrooms, it can be hard for employees to find what they need in a timely manner due to the current inkjet labeling.

    Walmart is trying to solve this issue by requiring suppliers to have the GTIN14 bar code on all four sides of the carton so that, no matter how the boxes are stacked, a readable bar code is presented.

    But here is where we start scratching our heads. According to what we have read from a few sources, some of Walmart’s new rules are going to cause a few headaches with dry grocery and food item manufacturers (excluding fresh meat, fish, poultry, and produce).

    Walmart’s New Requirements

    As we mentioned, each master box must have a GTIN14 bar code on each of the four main sides of the carton and on the top.

    • Each box must also include the brand name and sub-brand name, best with the brand logo. This information also needs to be on all four sides plus the top of the box. Visuals like logos help store employees recognize the brand and find what they need faster.
    • Walmart-master-carton-artwork.jpgInitial box quantity must be on all four sides of the box along with a blank square where employees can update the quantity of the box with a marker as it is emptied.
    • A vendor stock number must appear on at least two sides.
    • Walmart wants indication of the type of box printed on the top: Single Stock, Shelf Ready/PDQ or Box Cut Capable.
    • There must be a statement of temperature requirements on the top for refrigerated or frozen products.
    • And the box must have a Lot Number and Best-By Date on all fours sides for refrigerated products, and on at least two side for other products. Date format is to be MM/DD/YYYY.
    • For shrink-wrapped trays, Walmart wants the GTIN14 printed on each of the four sides of the tray and will allow the rest of the required information to be printed on the tray or on a pressure-sensitive label that is applied to the film wrapping.

    These new Walmart requirements will provide important information that should be readily available to store associates whose job it is to organize, inventory and restock their stores.


    A Case for Box Labeling 

    Walmart-ink-jet-bar-code-2.jpgWe all agree that Walmart needs this information on each case to maintain or improve their store efficiencies. But we are not sure that pre-printing boxes will make sense in the long run. Isn’t that what companies used to do 20 years ago and we moved away from it? Now Label Sheets will be more efficient.

    Flexographic label printing of required information on boxes would increase costs for manufacturers. Instead of being able to use the same box for a wide range of products and imprinting the variable information, a company would have to have a pre-printed box for each product that's why Label Sheets make more sense. 

    Let’s say you are a manufacturer of flavored drinks.You would like to use one generic carton for everything and just imprint the variable info via labels. If you have 5 different flavors, you would now just print labels for each flavor using a generic box. That  will lower the cost using generic cartons, less warehouse space for the empty cartons, and, when you no longer produce one of the flavors, no more obsolete cartons that end up in a landfill or get recycled. This seems efficient and very environmentally sound.

    We believe in using the kraft label option for efficient box labeling. This is what Walmart believes, and wants high quality laser printing that can produce bar codes that are ANSI/GS1 compliant. When used correctly, they can produce highly legible bar codes, logos and other variable data that would meet the requirements of the new Walmart mandate.

    Walmart-ink-jet-bar-code-1.jpgPerhaps this is the reason Walmart wants to move away from high resolution ink jet coding is that many times production lines will not get the maintenance or oversight needed to keep these ink jet systems working in top form. Often the marking can be of poor quality if the manufacturer does not maintain their production line. But simple bar code scanners could reject non-compliant coding before it gets shipped, allowing only compliant labeling to be delivered to Walmart.

    Using pressure-sensitive labels is an even more reliable way to ensure that the correct information is added to every case. Variable information can be printed onto a variety of label sizes and applied to each of the sides of a carton. All of the Walmart required data can be printed on either blank white or custom printed Kraft label media that contains a company’s logo and other non-variable information.

    Label printer-applicators are available that can either 5300_Corner_Wrap_Full.jpgapply labels to two adjacent sides or apply one long label that wraps around the corner of two adjacent sides. Two of these systems would be required per line, but the ROI on this investment vs. flexographically printing boxes would be fast. Changes to product descriptions and bar codes could be made quickly.

    Walmart already has a mandate in place for frozen baked goods that requires the variable information be printed on a white  or Kraft corner-wrap label that is applied to two opposite corners of a carton. This allows the information to be seen on all four sides clearly with excellent bar code scannability.

    Walmart will allow for box labeling, a proven solution, to ease the burden and still solve the problem they’re encountering.  If you have questions about Walmart box labeling, call Roy the Label Engineer for your custom Labeling solution.

    40 new label sheet products just added for your selection. January 25 2016

    If you’re using six Different Label or more sizes it’s going to get ugly.

    Today’s Modern Business should use one Printing system to print six different or more sizes of labels on their in house laser or inkjet printing equipment so as to save time and money on their labeling needs.

    If you’re using different size labels for separate parts of you business, your whole business suffers if you run out of one size of label. This causes delays of customer shipments and could cause confusing information and ship dates.

    And this means lost sales, decreased customer satisfaction and a frustrating experience. is a label resource company and unified e-commerce platform that functions seamlessly across the web or mobile phone system across North America 24/7. It gives you the information you need to make a optimized buying decision when you need to purchase blank label sheets  or rolls that we ship same day next business day.

    This prompt professional service will help you run your business smoothly and keep your customers happy today and will help you get new ones tomorrow. For custom Quotes please call Roy at 888-933-8498 or email at for prompt professional service.



    Preparing For The Age Of RFID Smart Label Tracking October 08 2015

    If you have any questions or need help or sample strips of RFID labels to test please email us at and send your address and we will send you samples to test your RFID solution.



    We now offer Shrink wrap Label Sleeves July 09 2015

    July 9th, 2015.
    Shrink sleeves are successful in a the industrial manufacturing and packaging of products largely due to their aesthetic appeal and functional versatility. These highly attractive labels are digitally printed on a flexible shrink film that reduces in size through the application of heat or steam. Once the film shrinks, it conforms tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package/image. Advantages of Shrink Sleeves:
    •  360° display of brilliant artwork and text, shrink sleeves give the product maximum aesthetic appeal and marketing exposure
    •  Capability of head to toe coverage
    •  Full body labels can display product inside
    •  Tamper evident seals will allow for ease of opening
    •  Outstanding print quality
    •  Reserve printing protects ink from scratching and wear while maintaining high gloss finish
    •  Shrink films work with unusually shaped containers that distinguish the product on the shelf .
    Tamper Evident Bands
    Increasingly used for consumer protection in the pharmaceutical, vitamin, food and beverage industries
    Full body Shrink Sleeves
    Gaining popularity in the beverage, personal care, food product, automotive and household
    Chemical industries Multi-Packs
    Product promotions and cross branded items package (label) remains intact, once promotional wrap is removed.
    Materials offered:
    PVC – polyvinyl chloride
    PETG – polyethylene terephthalate glycol modified
    OPS – oriented polystryrene
    PVC Advantages
    •  Excellent printability
    •  Shrink up to 56%
       PETG Advantages
    •  Up to 78% shrink
    •  Highest level of clarity
    •  Environmentally friendly
    •  Machine direction growth
      – no smiling or frowning
    •  High shrink force
    •  Softer, better for squeezable applications
      OPS Advantages
    • Up to 70% shrink
    • Minimal machine direction shrinkage
      Here is some information regarding the addition of varnishes to shrink sleeves:
    • Varnish is added to shrink sleeves to help with slip resistance and ink transfer. The ink can transfer     off the sleeve if a varnish is not applied.
    •  Therefore, varnish is not added soley for appearance.
    •  Varnish is always added unless the customer requests it to not be added. Varnishing shrink sleeves is a standard.
    •  The varnish that we have available is DGG 115 varnish.
    •  The only time varnish is not recommended is on clear shrink
      sleeves. It can cause the sleeve to look foggy.
    email Roy at rh@uslabel for copy of a detailed free pdf file for a complete explanation of how to design a shrink wrap label sleeve and free estimate or call Roy at 888-933-8498 to discuss your project.

    GHS, CLP, Hazcom(HCS), IMDG and BS 5609 new lower prices June 08 2015

    August 23, 2016.

    GHS, CLP, Hazcom(HCS), IMDG and BS 5609 Information and Label Solutions

    Hazardous labeling requirements have changed throughout the globe within the past few years.  GHS, CLP, HCS and IMDG labeling regulations need to be followed depending upon which country you are shipping to and the method you are using to ship. understands that meeting these labeling requirements can be complicated and confusing.  We have listed basic information below regarding each standard in order to help you understand these requirements. offers GHS, HCS, IMDG1 and BS 56092 compliant labels for Digital and Laser printers on hundreds of Sizes and 8.5" x 11, 8.5" x 14" and 11" x 17" label sheets.

    GHS and CLP Requirements for Container Labeling

    The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling (GHS) regulations were adopted by the United Nations in 2003.  The GHS includes criteria for the classification of health, physical and environmental hazards, as well as specifying what information should be included on labels of hazardous chemicals as well as safety data sheets. GHS regulations require petroleum and chemical companies shipping hazardous products into and within the European Union to print the updated GHS color pictograms on all self-adhesive container labels. CLP refers to the European Union regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures

    As GHS regulations are adopted on a global basis, each country may include different disclosure requirements and may implement on different timetables.

    OSHA Hazcom (HCS) compliance in the United States

    OSHA adopted the EU's GHS requirements within their updated Hazcom 2012 (HCS) regulations, May 25, 2012. 

    Regulation implementation is being phased in over the next three years:

    • Employee training, December 1, 2013
    • Implementation of regulation, June 1, 2015
    • Regulations regarding certain distributors, December 1, 2015

    The changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) brings the US into alignment with the GHS regulations.  The standards require chemical manufacturers and importers to evaluate the chemicals they product or import and provide hazard information on labels on containers and safety data sheets to inform employers and workers of all potential hazards.  The standard was modified to provide a single set of harmonized criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health and physical hazards and specifies hazard communication elements for labeling and safety data sheets.

    IMDG Compliant Labels 

    When shipping containers overseas by container ship, the container label must comply with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code, which requires the printed label to withstand 90 days submersion in saltwater. offers several IMDG1 compliant chemical labels to meet these regulations.  These include our drum, pail, tote and IBC container labels. also offer custom sized IMDG1 compliant container labels.

     BS 5609 Certification

    The British Standard BS 5609 is the Marine Immersion Label testing standard.  It outlines durability requirements for pressure-sensitive labels used to identify hazardous chemicals being transported by sea. The BS 5609 certification is a two-part certification for both the label material and the printed information on the label. Both elements must be tested successfully, as evidenced by separate certifications, for a label to achieve the BS 5609 certification.'s poly laser label material complies with Global requirements, when printed with any brand name color laser printer and toner, has received the BS 56092 certification. 

    1 Based on tests performed in a controlled environment at the testing facility, the poly label material is IMDG compliant when printed with a  laser printer using recommended media settings or equivalent laser printer. The results from the tests apply to only those samples tested and are not necessarily indicative of the material performance in other label printing situations or conditions. makes no representation or warranty that the material is IMDG compliant in all label printing situations due to the uncontrolled variables that may exist during and after label printing outside of's facility.

    2 Our material has received a BS5609 certification (Sections 2 and 3), issued by Adhesive Technical Services LTD, when printed with a laser printer using recommended media settings. This certification applies only to those samples tested and is not necessarily indicative of the material performance in other label printing situations or conditions.

    New Scale Labels at March 18 2015

    We are a OEM label supplier of Custom Scale Labels made for Grocery Chains Butchers and Deli's. Check out our custom pricing on custom full color scale labels. All scale label products are custom made here in America by American Workers and available for shipping nation wide 50,000 label minimum for custom scale labels. To get a custom quote on a Custom full color scale label call toll free at 1-888-933-8498 or email for a prompt quote. is a leading company that supplies all types of essential labels in order to save your business money. We are a company that understands your business requirements and provides top quality thermal label papers that are widely used in all types of retail businesses that use scales to weigh consumer products. We are one of the world’s formost most label  companies that offers superior freezer grade scale labels to take your business to a new level.

    Whether you are running a grocery shop, bakeries, meat shop or a super market chain, scale labels play a significant role in differentiating the manufactured products, alluring people to buy your goods.

    OEM Cas scale labels carry a lot of information about array of items and thereby help consumers to compare the varieties offered by different manufacturers and at the same time they also help them to compare the prices. We are a company that offers superior quality of scale labels to enhance the brand of your business. We also customize your labels from 1 color to full color which give your customers confidence to buy your products.

    We never compromise our quality and award winning services. We have a team of well trained manufacturing label engineering professionals who possess years of experience and knowledge to handle your queries with utmost patience to save you money and increase your bottom line.

    Besides selling large varieties of scale labels, we also sell quality laser label sheets, thermal ribbons and all types of thermal label papers and more for your business to run smoothly . We offer a very smooth and easy process to order the preferred products and further if you order items in bulk then we also provides best deals on each product.

    We also offer you tracking number in case the order does not reach your doorstep on time. Furthermore, we also provide option for custom printed thermal label rolls that suits your business needs. All the products we offer are highly durable and we promise to deliver them right at your loading dock.

    Hobart Scale Labels and CAS Scale Labels
    All of our scale label products are backed by our unconditional guarantee of American made quality for less and your peace of mind. Our scale labels are used by thousands of delis, butcher shops, meat departments and grocery stores across the nation and in Canada. If your store uses a Avery Berkel, Bizerba, Cas, Hobart, Ishida, Tec or Toledo scale then we have the scale label product for you! Please contact our label engineer Roy for discounted pricing on bulk orders of scale labels by calling toll free 1-888-933-8498 or email for prompt professional service.


    BS5609 Poly Drum Laser Only Label Sheets update April 03 2014

    Don't forget to oder your Polyester for next year compliance.

    New Equipment more volume Lower Prices Faster Turn Around Times March 04 2014

    This is just to let you know we have upgraded our equipment and and now can offer you larger quantities of Label Sheets in 100,000 sheet lots at lower prices for fast turn around in White or Colors in any die cut size we offer. 


    Whats new at January 29 2014

    We work harder to gain your trust and your Business using the latest technology to supply you with your labeling needs.